Where to Turn to Authenticate Signed Football Sports Memorabilia

Do you have an extensive collection of Signed Football Sports Memorabilia? Individuals who have invested a great deal of time and money into collecting these items will likely want to have them authenticated at some time or another if they haven’t already gone through this process. Today, there are three major players in the industry, and collectors need to know the benefits and drawbacks of working with each one.

The Value of the Piece

Using any of the three major authenticators will boost the value of an item significantly. However, items do tend to bring in slightly more money when they have been authenticated by PSA. JSA isn’t far behind though. The question is how items authenticated by Beckett will hold their value, as this company is simply too new in the industry to have a proven track record. However, they have been in business for quite some time and this will help in terms of adding value to the item that has been authenticated.

Customer Service

When sending an item in to be authenticated, collectors want to know they are working with a trustworthy company. Individuals who have been using authentication services for many years often choose to work with JSA, as they have one person to deal with when they do so. PSA handles more pieces each year than JSA, and this shows in the customer service. It tends to be slower but still within reason. Beckett should likewise excel in this area, simply because they are an established company and recognize the importance of outstanding customer service.


One thing to consider is the reputation of the authentication company. Most auction companies choose to work with either PSA or JSA when they need a piece authenticated. However, this may change in the near future. Steve Grad works for Beckett and has an outstanding reputation as a principal autograph authenticator. This will help to cement Beckett’s place in the authentication industry.

When the time comes to have one or more pieces of sports memorabilia authenticated, turn to one of these three providers. Each has its benefits. Only the collector can decide which factors are of most importance to him or her and proceed from there.