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Welcome intro

30 min Guided Relaxation | Flowing Stream for letting go

25min Guided Relaxation | Power of Trees for grounding

Meditation on Tao

Heart meditation

Balance meditation

Decision making meditation

Meditation of the power of silence

Poem for way of life

What is meditation?

How mindfulness changed my life

Meditation and yoga positions

Is mindfulness a trend?

What is mindfulness?

What is the science behind meditation?

What is the difference between Meditation & Hypnosis?

What’s hypnosis?

What are the benefits of hypnosis?

Can everyone enter Hypnosis?

Can Hypnosis recall the past?

What is beauty?

Meditation music ‘Devi Prayer’

Meditation Music ‘Sacred Chants of Shiva’

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Director/Producer : Aruna Shields
Cinematography : Mike Howard
Meditation Music : Craig Pruess
Hypnosis Music : Russel Brownlee & Johanne Kotze

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