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instant hypnotic gaze fascination & non verbal hypnosis induction – mesmerism techniques

in this video you see hypnotic gaze fascination. Gaze fascination is a powerful technique where with the use of the eyes we create emptiness of mind. Eye fixation creates emptiness of mind. It was used also by Mesmer. It is a non verbal powerful Discover A Lot More

Non verbal Hypnosis Eye-Fixation Catalepsy & mesmerism – cataleptic FASCINATION!

In this video we see: non verbal hypnosis and hypnotic gaze to induce trance with an instant induction natural catalepsy with open eyes! somnambulism after catalepsy. The subject experimented an astral travel during somnambulism 👁 Write us Discover A Lot More

Help with Panic Attacks and Anxiety Verbal – A Spoken Word Affirmations recording by Simply Hypnotic

Please click http://vid.io/xcNw to support Simply Hypnotic on VidMe Download tracks: https://goo.gl/FAVtsK On Google Play store: https://goo.gl/epuASv Download tracks on Bandcamp: https://goo.gl/UdmyFq On Facebook: https://goo.gl/3REnMJ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Help Discover A Lot More

non verbal paretian hypnosis, fascination, mesmeric anesthaesia, instant inductions WITHOUT WORDS!

http://www.mesmerismus.info A unique collection of an incredible variety of hypnotic, fascinative and magnetic effects executed by dr. Paret in 4 intense minutes with 4 different subjects. Everything was done WITHOUT WORDS (except a very small part Discover A Lot More

TEDxMerseyside – Dr Chris Shea – The Secrets of Non Verbal Communication

Dr Chris Shea works in non verbal strategy analysis for groups and individuals including analyses and skills training in non verbal communication. She will be doing a TEDx talk at TEDxMerseyside 2012 exploring the implications and uses of non verbal Discover A Lot More