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Brief Cognitive Hypnosis: Facilitating the Change of Dysfunctional Behavior | Ebook

Get your free audio book: http://bkan.us/f/b005a4s4gs ìbrief Cognitive Hypnosis gives a unique and refreshing presentation of various applications of hypnosis in clinical practice. Most importantly this book focuses on brief clinical interventions Discover A Lot More

Cognitive Therapy for Weight Loss with Judith Beck Video

In this video of an actual cognitive therapy session, Dr. Judith Beck works with Anne to develop practical skills that will enable her to lose weight and make enduring changes to her lifestyle. Watch the full video at: https://www.psychotherapy.net/video/cognitive-therapy-weight-loss Discover A Lot More

Simple technique for positive focus; Cognitive therapy, CBT, against anxiety, depression, OCD

Anxiety depression ocd depressed treatment therapy CBT cognitive behavioral therapy trauma psychosis schizophrenia swish imagery techniques methods psychotherapy research afraid depressed hearing voices metacognitive therapy thoughts bad Discover A Lot More