Hypnotherapy how does it work?; Pete Gable – Healthy Minds – Hong Kong

Hypnotherapy; How does it work?;
Pete Gable – Healthy Minds Hong Kong
Discover how hypnotherapy works, what happens in a session and how it can help you release your issues to make your life healthier and happier

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Does hypnosis really work ?


People always have a lot of questions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
Does hypnosis work ?
Does hypnosis really work ?
Does hypnotherapy work ?
Is hypnosis real ?
Does Hypnosis actually work ?

and these are just a few of them

Its a subject that has fascinated people for hundreds if not thousands of years. hypnosis has been used since the days of Egypt by the mystics that ran the temples and performed ceremonies. The used trance and hypnotic trance on themselves and others.

Yes hypnosis and hypnotherapy work but why and what is it?

here are some other interesting videos on hypnosis

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People come to hypnotherapy for many reason, physical, mental emotional and spiritual.

Some common issues are
Quit smoking
Lose weight
Self esteem
self control
Sports performance
and many many others

The benefits of hypnosis are
greater relaxation
peace of mind
greater self confidence
self acceptance

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