How to increase self confidence in HINDI | 4 tips to increase your confidence in Hindi by Lifegyan

In this video I’ll show you how to increase your self confidence in hindi.

Well, it’s hard to be confident. Especially when you’re you, and not the person that you envisioned yourself to be. I had troubles with confidence growing up. It’s hard to be confident when you don’t know what you’re being confident about.

After reading tons of biographies and books on personal development, I have narrowed down 4 mindset shifts that will help you tremendously in being more confident.

1. Acceptance

So the first one is acceptance, and it should be no surprise to anyone. There is this myth that people have that confidence only comes to those who are extremely good at something. That’s not true. You can learn to be just as confident on the stage as a veteran public speaker, you just need to learn the right mindset.

Acceptance is the biggest step that you can take towards becoming more confident. There is absolutely nothing wrong with who you are. Period. Yes, you have your flaws, and yes you may have your insecurities, but you as a human, are inherently beautiful. and when you realize this fact, it is then that you can begin to accept yourself and your circumstance. Now you can begin to increase your self confidence in hindi.

2. Affirmations – Faking it till you make it

Now this is one of the more woo-wooey tips in this list, but it has been shown that it can make a huge difference. Basically, you have to recite affirmations to yourself about how you want your ideal self to be. So for example, if you want to be more confident on a date, you could recite “I am a confident person. People like me for who I am and I constantly strive to improve myself” as your affirmation, and you should repeat it twice in a day once after waking up and once after sleeping.

So the reason why affirmations work is that your subsconscious mind takes cues from your conscious mind about how to make you feel. This increase your self confidence in hindi. If you have constant negative self talk and are continually hating your circumstances, your subconscious mind picks up on that and will make you hate life even more.

But this means that you can also trick your subconscious. Simply start saying things that you want to feel. It will feel weird at first, but then a subtle mindshift happens. Everytime you talk about not being confident, you will feel a weird disconnect between what you’re saying and how you’re feeling. Because you’ve been saying those affirmations for so long, you’ll actually start to increase your self confidence in hindi.

Trust me, just try this tip for a week and see how it makes you feel.

3. Have things going for you – Little victories

You might be thinking, that it’s easy to be more confident if you’re a successful good looking person who has everything going for them, but what about me, someone who has nothing going for him? That’s why I’m going to tell you how to increase self confidence in hindi.

Well, that’s where this next tip comes in. Gain momentum and have some things going for you. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Just simple things like going to the gym everyday can increase your confidence ten fold.

4. Habitually get out of your comfort zone

Now I this is a cliched advice, but it’s absolutely true. Just push yourself a little bit everyday. If you’re sitting on a park bench and a stranger sits down next to you, take to him. Our minds usually blow things out of proportion. Usually, the worst that could happen isn’t even that bad.

You’ll realize that talking to a stranger isn’t a big deal, so you’ll be confident in asking that girl or guy out. You’ll understand that there are hundreds of opportunities in the city, so you’ll be confident in that job interview because you can get another one.

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