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Tips and Tricks for Hockey Goalie Amateurs

So you want to be a pro hockey player? Aside from never losing sight of your dream, there are some things you can do to actually get there.

Master skating.

Goaltending’s foundation is balance and edges. The better you skate, the better you can tend your goal. Pre-game and pre-practice warm-up should always include basic skating drills. For example, use a T-push for long crease movements and shuffles when you need to change your position side to side. Both don’t need to take long. Maybe go for one set of 10 reps each, which is about two to 10 minutes. Professional goalies’ routines usually include such skating drills. If you do as the pros, you will be one yourself in the future.

Improve your hand skills.

When the butterfly save came about in the 1990s, goaltenders were too focused on on-ice coverage that they ended up overlooking their hands somehow. Make it a point to practice catching pucks as well as blocking shots to the corner at warm-up. Put 30 pucks in the slot, and let someone shoot at your hand while you’re in your butterfly. Professional goalies usually do this during their regular warm-up.

Prepare yourself mentally.

Believe it or not, goal-tending is 80 percent a mental game. So before you come in contact with the ice, be sure your mind is ready. Look for a quiet spot where you can be alone for at least ten minutes, building up focus. Visualizing games and seeing yourself playing them right can help you immensely. It can mean the difference between a good and bad decision at the right or wrong time.

Maintain good physical fitness.

If you’re a goalie, being the hardest worker and most physically fit player on a team is a must. New York Rangers’Mike Richter bagged the fitness award every single year. Hall of Famer Ed Belfour was once a triathlete. St.Louis’ Brian Elliott is recognized for being among the hardest-working goalies of the sport. As a goalie, you should expect your teammates look to you as their rock. Never give them reason to doubt. When you’re always fit and working hard, they take it as an assurance that you will always be behind them.

Develop a bounce-back attitude.

Finally, keep in mind that even the world’s best goalies know they will bad goals and bad games at certain times. It’s simply part of nature. Like the pros, you should learn about the importance of shrugging it off and not letting it get to you. You are going to get scored on, but don’t fuss over it. Martin Brodeur got scored on almost 3,000 times throughout his career – now did it prevent him from being a world-renowned goalie? You very well know the answer.