Depression and Meditation / Does Hypnotherapy work? Can Hypnotherapy Help?

Meditation can improve our lives in many ways. Depression can be relieved while meditating with hynosis. Does Hypnotherapy work?
Can Hypnotherapy Help?
In spite of the broad of field advancements and inventions intended to make our lives easier,
depression exists and billions of groups are working and hunting for a depression aid.

(Meditation Bible- )

With all the sources of entertainment around us, depression still lurks in the core of our very existence as humans. Why? Could it be that with all the technology and scientific breakthroughs that we have lost the very essence of our being as humans? That-being a deep connection with the Omnipotent.
This may very well be the case. We work too hard, go at neck-breaking speeds in life to get things done and never take the time to relax and draw on the Higher Power inherent within us, it is no wonder over 25 million people in the United states are depressed and consequently seeking a depression cure to end their misery.

The next step will be to simply take the time out to relax.
I’m going to borrow from Yoga folks, and the pose here is the relaxation pose.
It involves laying flat on a bed, and consciously breathing deeply and evenly in a ratio of 5:5:5 (inhalation, retention and exhalation). You may do this accompanying a clock or a metronome. Breathe evenly as thus for several minutes, now consciously make auto-suggestions to your body starting from the toes to relax by saying mentally: “my toes are hereby relaxed, my feet are hereby relaxed etc…”
Do this working to the crown of your head and make sure every organ you can think of is relaxed by this auto-suggestion. Now the best part, pick one of the following quotes depending on your spiritual beliefs and repeat this to yourself…(or heck, pick them all and repeat one after the other…)

1. I am that pure consciousness or self.
2. I can do all things through God who strengthens me.

Repeat this ‘mantra’ mentally till it seeps into your subconscious and it literally replaces the negative thoughts you may have about your problems, just as light always overcomes darkness.
Now, turn to your right side, breathe evenly again, then arise and approach your day believing that you are refreshed and drawing upon that higher power for a depression cure.
Friends, this is very important, that you believe you are healed, just like a child believes the pain felt earlier has been cured by Mom kissing it away. Yes, such a child-like faith is required. Child-like but folks, powerful! It’s been written:

“According to your faith be it unto you” (this is a basic law of successful living.)

(Meditation Bible- )

In addition to this, to co-operate with the Higher Power in healing you, you’ve got to meet this Power halfway. Make efforts to better yourself. Let’s get back to the basics folks, exercise, eating right and positive thinking. In regards to a depression cure, you may have to supplement drawing upon that Higher Power with seeking good company, sources of laughter and a wise avoidance of those factors or people that bring you down.
A depression cure is within reach, the power which has its roots in the Omnipotent and Unseen is right there inside of you. With the tips above, you can draw from it, solve your problems and lead a depression free life.

Empower yourself with a depression cure that works, reconnecting with the spiritual forces around you. Great wonders exist in your mind. Tap into it and win.

Close your eyes
take a deep breath

take a second deep breath

on your third deep breath hold it for about three

and exhale and relax

long you going to have your Linux

relax every part of your body starting from
the top of your head

I’d like you to use your imagination to

each part of your body relax

let go completely starting with the
top of your head

together just relax

your chin and jaw

all those muscles in your face

just to let go

as your neck relaxes starting

with the front part of your neck and
the back part

all the way down your shoulders

just feel your shoulders relax completely

starting with your upper arms going down

to your elbows – relax your wrists

your hands

the fingers relax let go

notice your breathing

regularly breathing has become

so much more just few moments ago

and expansion

your diaphram

your chest allow your chest

relax completely

all the way down us

Hypnosis Therapy For Depression

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