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Bull Fighting in Spain

Whenever we think about Spain, a picture of a Bull-fighter with red cloth in his hand and bull charging towards it comes in our mind. Bull fighting has truly become the symbol of this European country.

The basis of bull fighting in Spain lies in an age old tradition in which people used to sacrifice a bull on the days of fiestas. The sacrifices used to be performed to please the God. This game originally started as a playful competition between people and their bulls. The person who used to take control of the bull was considered to be powerful and strong.

The professional form of this sport started in 711 A.D. to celebrate the crowning ceremony of King Alfonso VIII. At that time, this sport was played while riding a horse. It used to be a sport for aristocrats during those times. But King Felipe V banned the aristocrats from playing this sport as he thought that it will put a bad example in front of the people.

Once the aristocrats were banned from playing, common people started taking part in the Bull Fighting. As common people couldn’t afford to keep horses, they changed the rules of the game. Thus, the present version of the game was created in 1724. In this version, the player dodges the raging bull on foot and unarmed.

Ever since that time, bull fighting in Spain has been one of the most loved sports. Thousands of people flock the bull ring to watch this intense and entertaining competition between man and animal. The number of spectators of Bull fighting in Spain has crossed over 1 million every year.

Bull Fighting in Spain has taken shape of an organized sport. People find it extremely exciting to attend bull fighting matches. Thousands of people throng the stadiums for such matches, through out the year.

Bull fighting generally includes one unarmed matador and a raging bull. The matador is regarded as the greatest of sportsmen in the country as the act of jumping in to a ring with a huge ring requires a lot of courage. Many times, Matador can get seriously injured while fighting with the bull. This sport causes several deaths and disabling injuries every year. They are given highest of the honors by the government and many people treat them like superstars in Spain.

This is why, a bull fighting match is also known as the dance of death. The matador has to perform rehearsed and calculated moves to dodge bull’s attacks. One wrong move and the matador may get trampled under the bull’s feet or stabbed by its horns. But still, its popularity has only increased over the years.

Today, Bull Fighting has become a highly organized sport in Spain and many other countries have also started playing it. Even though, there are many organizations which consider this game as cruelty towards animals, this has not diminished the craze of people towards this sport.

Ban Blood Sports

Blood sports as the name suggests, refers to certain forms of sports that involve bloodshed of innocent animals. It involves engaging the animals in a fierce fight against each other and often ends with the death of one or all the animals involved.
Hare coursing, bull fighting, dog fighting, bear baiting, and badger baiting are the common examples of blood sports.

Animal Rights and Animal welfare activists have long been making an outcry against such barbaric sports and have been instrumental in shutting down most of them. However, these sports are still being practiced in some of the nations as a form of human entertainment.

In hare coursing, animals like hounds are made to chase the fragile hares. They are made to chase the harmless hares by sight and not by the much commonly practiced scent. It is practiced often as gambling, and the organizers tend to provide an excuse behind organizing such barbaric events as essential for controlling the population of hares or for sharpening the skills of sight hounds. Though banned in some of the nations as illegal, it is still organized in most of the parts of the world as a competitive and regulated sport.

Those in favor of this barbaric cruelty have long been placing arguments in favor of hare coursing. However, in the absence of notable scientific arguments, it is still to be established as a welfare practice. The coursing events, like Waterloo cups, have still kept the heinous crime against innocent animals going. The coursers tend to organize the sports until every single hare of the area has been killed. The sport has swapped away almost 80% of the total hare population of United Kingdom. With the culture of coursing strongly imbedded and the promising rewards behind the events, the sadistic organizers are even using arms.

Bullfighting is another blood sport which is actively being organized in some of the most developed nations of the world. It is found to be an impressive form of entertainment in nations like France, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and The Philippines. Followers regard it as a fine art, while the detractors have been calling a ban on this heinous blood sport.

Bullfighting is Not Artistic-It Is a Barbaric Blood Sport!

The supporters have been linking bull fighting with their culture and tradition, comparing the horrific act with arts like music and dance. The bull is hooked on its shoulders by the cruel matadors on several occasions. After it has received multiple blows and seems to be too fragile to continue further, the bull is killed with a single blow by the cruel blade of a sword. In Portugal, it has been declared illegal to kill a bull in the arena so the fighting bull is later slaughtered as fighting bulls are to be considered only once.

In dog fighting, the participating dogs are made to fight sometimes until death. It is often used as a means of entertainment and for gambling and betting. The places where dog fighting is prohibited by law, it is surreptitiously practiced in relation to other crimes and inter-group violence. Dog fighting often gives birth to illegal gambling, racketeering, drug peddling, gang violence, and other crimes.

Animal right activists have been raising their concerns over dog fighting not only because of the pain and suffering the animals undergo during the fights, but because of their tragic end after the event. It is one of the most heinous forms of animal abuse. The animal is often subjected to cruel and inhumane handling during the training process. This heinous crime against animals is popular in countries like Australia, India, Japan, South America, North America, Russia, South Africa, U.K., and more.

Cock fighting is one of the most common forms of blood sport and it is still practiced in almost all the nations across the globe. It is also associated with religious ceremonies as ritual. The birds are equipped with sharp arms like blades and knives so that they can inject severe blows to the opponents. Though it is not an established industry like dog fighting or bull fighting yet, it is a commonly practiced form of gambling.

Secular cock fighting is being banned by most of the nations, but still the followers argue in its favor, calling it as a means of entertainment. This cruelty still exists in few parts of the globe as a religious custom. It was once associated with royalties but now being abandoned by them, this sport is secretly being performed as a part of gambling.

Bear baiting is also a form of blood sport wherein the bear is engaged in baiting with one or more hounds. Bear baiting has been recognized as a part of blood sports and has been abolished by most of the nations across the globe.

Animal fighting is taking the shape of organized crime. With the heavy amount of money being involved, it often promotes other crimes like drug trafficking, gang wars, and more. Millions of innocent animals are being killed in the name of art and entertainment. The animals are subjected to horrendous tortures throughout the process of training and then brutally slaughtered in the name of the game. Not only the animals but the matadors also risk their life with the fear of being gored or trampled by the agitated animal.

No argument placed in favor of barbaric blood sports can make them justified. Being outlawed, these sports are being practiced these days under clandestine closures. The organizers often end up in a fierce fight among themselves.

Possessions of illegal and legal arms are also a part of the sport. Such weapons are not only used for inducing pain and slaughtering of the animals involved in the game, but the groups engaged in gang wars often raise them against each other.

The matadors in bull fighting enter the arena during the conclusion of the game with a red color cloth to mask blood and to prepare the animal for the final kill. Though meant for such brutal attempt, it is done in a way that it produces a beautiful appeal over the sadistic onlookers. The foolish followers have been claiming it as an art form, but in a civilized and educated society where we claim to exist today, can we call an event involving slaughtering and cruel bloodshed as an art form? I think not!

These forms of entertainment prevailed in the medieval era when there weren’t many sources of entertainment. The type and nature of the sports exemplifies its primitive form, and it shouldn’t have found its application in a civilized and ethical society. Being born as humans, it is one of our essential duties to safeguard the rights of not only fellow human beings, but of all the living beings on the earth.

It not ethical and humane to organize these barbaric blood sports just in the name of mere entertainment. We have many forms of passing our times these days. Instead of getting engaged in such outlawed activities and propagating illegal and criminal activities, we can channel our energy more productively and learn new ways to improve ourselves and our race. If we want to engage ourselves in any form of adventure sports, there are numerous cruelty-free options.

We can go for mountain climbing, yachting, paragliding, angling, rowing, etc. These activities are not only extremely entertaining, but are great for our health and bring us close to nature as well. Some are group activities and can help strengthen bonds with friends, family, and peers. So, next time you plan to go for blood sports, just ask yourself once what will you get from it, and if you don’t participate, what are you giving back to the living beings on the planet?

End Cruel Blood Sport of Fox Hunting in Ireland

Events like bull fighting and dog fighting have become a part of tradition, and it is deep-rooted among the followers. However, they must rid themselves of it the way we have done away with orthodox and superstitious beliefs. If we dislike any form of abuse, we shouldn’t cause such physical and mental abuse to other living beings. We must acknowledge that blood sport is a crime toward the animal community.

What’s Your Secret Project?

Whew! What a week of Olympic triumphs, defeats, and tragedy.

After starting off with a devastating tragedy in luge, the Olympics have turned into an incredible showcase of triumph over defeat… and some very unusual personalities mixed in for good luck.

With the best last name in the Olympics, the incredible US Snowboarder, Shaun White, showed up all of his competitors with an impressive display of ingenuity, talent, persistence and secret training.

Not sure if you have heard his story before, I will quickly recap it as there are some great lessons there.

Red Bull took a shining to Shaun White

They saw his natural talents for ripping up the half pipes and decided it would be a great idea to build him HIS OWN secret half pipe.

A full-size half pipe, accessible only by helicopter, that included a foam pit at the bottom for him to rehearse the more dangerous tricks.

No one knew about it.

No one could watch him train.

No one had a clue that he was secretly inventing new tricks and techniques that had never been seen.

And when he start to strut his stuff at the snowboard competitions… he trounced the competition!

He changed the game with his new tricks.

Even saving some of his most advanced one for the Olympics…ones that left his most seasoned of competitors standing there with their jaws hanging slack.

Some great quotes about Shaun:

“Shaun had a lot of ideas about things he wanted to do, and really pushed the sport into the future,” said Bud Keene, White’s coach and an assistant for the United States Olympic half pipe team.

“I can’t even tell you or begin to describe how many times I’ve gone over this run in my mind, gone over this competition in my head, imagined what it would be like,” White said at the bottom of the massive half pipe.

“This season has been unlike any season I’ve ever had before,” White said. “Where I crashed probably more than I ever have, I’ve been frustrated, I’ve lost sleep. I really pushed myself as far as I could go, not only to have to invent these tricks, but actually have done them, and then win.”

Did you see it?

This red-headed hippie dude was a MASTER at visualization… and failure in reality.

He pushed himself to his extremes.

Failed FAR MORE times than he succeeded.

He kept his visualizations top of mind and a major priority in his training.

He sure didn’t want to dwell on his failures.

Winning an Olympic medal means that these athletes have failed 1,000 (10,000?, maybe 100,0000 times). But they keep on plugging and seeing themself winning the GOLD.

Ultimately they do.

Especially when they have “secret weapons” on their side!

What’s your secret project?

Do you have multiple “secret” marketing campaigns you are testing out?

Seeing what happens when different ingredients are added can be a very enjoyable thing to do.

Be prepared to fail far more than you succeed.

All of the best do.

Which explains why they win Gold Medals… they are willing to fail time after time, while they constantly see Gold in their minds.

Try it.

My secret project for months has been The Business Mastery Course (see link below in resources) It is THE program I wished I had when I started my business. It would have saved me tens of thousands of dollars in “experience”. And it will for you too.

This afternoon I am interviewing one of the greatest marketers and copywriters in the world, Mr Joe Sugarman. He is the man behind BluBlocker Sunglasses and sold millions and millions of sunglasses with one simple marketing idea.

Taking Back My Youth on an MGP Nitro Extreme

It was a cool spring morning which promised to become a very hot early spring day and so the mind drifts to what could be done to make this Sunday a very special one for my son and I.

Having spent most of the day before indoors playing Star Wars on the Wii, Sunday was going to be ‘outdoor day’ and I was going to be out in the fresh air, not sat in front of a television watching virtual characters battle it out on screen. No, fresh air is what I needed today and so that’s what I was going to get.

A few months earlier it had been my birthday and somebody in their ultimate wisdom had decided I was not going to grow old gracefully and bought me a scooter. Not any old scooter, but one with a particularly cool name. Knowing that I had a penchant for gadgets, they decided I needed on that summed up my love of all things ‘mega’ and ‘turbo’ and they bought me an ‘MGP Nitro Extreme’. Now, when I first saw the words on the box I didn’t really understand what it was I’d got. I thought maybe I’d been sent some kind of explosive device seeing as ‘nitro’ sounds like something we yearned for as kids.

However I soon realised that this was one of those trendy scooters with wheels so small they look like they’ve been stolen from Action Man’s tank and enough metal and rivets to show it had been engineered in the fiery depths of some Pacific Rim volcano. I was going places on this thing, and hopefully not hospital.

As it turned out, the weather never gave me an opportunity to use it and so it lay dormant in the garage waiting for a time when the sun would emerge from the clouds and allow me to go hurtling down the street like a lanky and rather over weight teenager. Oh, and wrinkly. A teenager with a skin problem that makes them look 42. You get the idea.

And the sun came out and I did take my scooter to the skate park to show those whipper-snappers a thing or two about riding one of these beasts. Except just in case it was a bit hard, I went really early on Sunday morning, realising that your average teenager doesn’t leave bed until way after midday on a weekend having spent the night before drinking Red Bull in a bus shelter.

So, I climbed carefully to the top of the ramp and holding the bars as hard as I could, I let myself tear down the slope, gravity taking hold of my over-plump frame and dragging me into the curve.

And here, dear reader, is where it went wrong.

You see, these infernal devices are pretty darn quick. They look flash because they are flash and the wheels are greased with the slickest, most frictionless material I have ever known. Before I could take a breath, I was hurtling at incredible speed towards a grassy bank wherein I narrowly missed a metal waste bin, sped off to one side and landed in a soft and slightly muddy patch.

If there was a moral to this story, it might be that people my age shouldn’t be dealing in such dangerous sports and should stick to driving 4 by 4 vehicles on highways. But that would be defeatist. Instead, I give you this.

If you do intend to be a stupid as me and ride around like a teenager on incredibly good looking technical equipment – wear a helmet. You look a lot less stupid than someone with a massive bruise on their temple!