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Weight Loss & Sports and Energy Drinks

Sports and Energy Drinks – Who Needs Them?

Sports drinks have become a staple of American athletics. Every major sports team including the NFL, Major League Baseball, and NASCAR, are sponsored by and use sports drinks. Given the large amount of calories and sugar in the drinks, the issue is who needs them and do they quench thirst and really rehydrate people?

Physical activity of any kind exposes everyone to the possibility of dehydration. Numerous factors determine how one sweats and therefore how much water replacement will be needed during and after exercise. Fluid replacement depends on environmental factors including temperature, sun exposure, humidity, and wind, as well as the intensity and duration of the activity. Not only is there a difference between different activities, but between individuals; some people simply sweat more than others and need greater fluid replacement.

Excessive dehydration is as a loss of a body weight of 2% or greater with physical activities. Thus a 160 lb person is dehydrated if he loses 3.2 lb. or more during an event. They use average sweat rates (the amount of fluid lost per hour during exercise) to predict the possibility of dehydration. Here are some sports performed outside and the average sweat rates: basketball- 1.4 liters/hour, soccer -1.5 liters/hour, tennis -1.7 liters/hour and running 0.75 liters/ hour (at a speed of 5 mph.).

How can you tell if you are dehydrated:

Measure body weight before and after exercise, any more than a 2 % loss is dehydration. If you divide the difference by the number of hours exercising you get your sweat rate. Make sure you account for water you are drinking during the exercise.

Here are guidelines for Hydration during Exercise.

  1. Eat balanced meals 24 hours before the exercise
  2. Two hours before exercise drink 14 oz of water
  3. During exercise drink water every 15-20 minute to replace water loss.
  4. Weigh yourself after exercise, if you lose weight; rehydrate yourself with 16 oz. of water for every lb. lost.
  5. Fluids should be cooler than outside temperature and flavored to enhance palatability.
  6. For exercises lasting more than one hour, than add a sports drinks with sugar and minerals

The need for carbohydrates and extra electrolytes -that is the addition of a sports drinks depends on specific exercise including the intensity, duration and weather conditions. In general The American College of Sports Medicine does not recommend the need for sports drinks for exercise that occurs inside a building or for less than 90 minutes outside.

Here are the ingredients in 8 oz. of a sports drinks:

* Gatorade: 50 calories, 14 grams sugar (from sucrose syrup and high-fructose corn syrup), 110 mg sodium,no caffeine, small amounts of potassium, no vitamins, no protein Gatorade is sold in bottles of 12, 20, 24 and 32 oz. The smallest bottle contains 75 calories and has 21 grams of sugar which is for children. The standard bottle is 20 oz. and has 2.5 portions or 150 calories and 35 grams of sugar.

* Propel Fitness Water: 10 calories, 2 grams sugar from sucrose syrup; also sweetened with Splenda, 35 mgsodium, no caffeine

* Accelerade: 80 calories, 15 grams of sugar, no high fructose syrup, 120 mg. of sodium, 4 grams of protein,no caffeine

* PowerAde: 64 calories, 17 grams sugar, 53 mg. of sugar, no caffeine. The 20 oz. bottle has 190 calories and42 grams of sugar

Energy drinks (8 ounces):

As a reference 8 oz. of coffee contains 2 calories and 95-100 mg. of caffeine, 12 oz. of regular soda contains 140 calories and 35-38 mg. of caffeine

* Red Bull: 110 calories, 27 grams sugar (from sucrose and glucose), 200 mg sodium, contains 76mgcaffeine. Other ingredients include various vitamins. Red Bull is also available in a sugar-free option with acesulfame K, aspartame, and inositol as sweeteners. This version contains 10 calories and 0 grams sugar.

* Rock Star: 140 calories, 31 grams sugar (from sucrose and glucose), 125 mg sodium, 80 mg caffeine. RockStart is available in a sugar-free option sweetened with acesulfame potassium and Splenda. This version has 10 calories and 0 grams sugar.

* Sobe, Energy Citrus Flavor:120 calories, 31 grams sugar (mainly from high-fructose corn syrup and orange juice concentrate), 15 mg sodium, contains caffeine.

Fortified waters (8 ounces):

* Propel Fitness Water. 10 calories, 2 grams sugar, 35 milligrams sodium. various vitamins.

* Glaceau Vitamin Water — Energy. 50 calories, 13 grams sugar (from crystalline fructose), 0 mg sodium, 50mg caffeine, various vitamins.

How sports drinks provide benefits to exercisers:

Sports drinks can help keep bodies functioning normally even under conditions of extreme physical exertion. They provide ingredients that cause rapid fluid absorption that has the effect of maintaining physical functions and preventing dehydration. The carbohydrates which include sucrose and fructose provide energy to working muscles. The sodium, glucose and flavors stimulate the body to want to drink even more fluids. Thirst isn’t a good measure of dehydration because by the time we’re thirsty we are already dehydrated. The small amount of sodium encourages people to drink beyond the point at which “mouth thirst” is satisfied.

Does everyone who is exercising need sports drinks?

Although these products provide many advantages to the sweating athlete, they also add calories and sugars. Do ordinary people, teens and children really need them? The answer lies in how much a person is sweating.

During exercise lasting less than one hour there’s little evidence of any difference in performance between exercisers who drink beverages containing carbohydrates and electrolytes and those who drink plain water

Why some individuals do not need sports drinks:

Many people have no idea about the nutrient content of these drinks. They report they consume these drinks for many reasons including improved immunity from diseases, “better health,” “energy” and because they replace “vital nutrients.” They have no idea of the calories, amount of sugar nor the fact that the “energy” from energy drinks is due to high levels of caffeine- hardly healthy and certainly not “natural.”

Drinking a single daily 150 calorie bottle of sports drinks adds 15 lb. and 2 inches to the waist over a year. Sports drinks have a little more than half of the calories of a regular soda.

Sports drinks are good for re-hydrating adults, children or teens that are playing sports outside in the heat that are more than 90 minutes, and involve high intensity and endurance. The words to remember are: intense, outside, duration and hot. Sports drinks have no place for most children and teens doing light exercise especially inside an air conditioned building, not sweating heavily, or doing no exercise all. In this situation, plain water is perfectly adequate and does not add extra calories and unneeded sugar. Drinking a single sports drink containing 150 calories and 42 grams of sugar, (the same as a can of soda) will easily “cancel” out 30 minutes of walking. For most typical workouts water is perfectly adequate

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Sports Marketing And The Evolution

Sport is a winning medium that reach a worldwide audience every day, guaranteeing sponsors benefits that are not comparable with traditional media such as TV, radio and the press. This is confirmed also by the ever increasing number of hours that the major television networks worldwide dedicate to sport in all its forms and expressions and by the number of professional Sports Marketing Agencies that suggest to their clients to use sport in promotional activities.
Sport, as a communication tool, is unique in its ability to break down traditional cultural and linguistic barriers and is a competitive, creative and fruitful business product that is suitable for achieving different marketing objectives, such as:

– Increasing brand popularity/awareness

– Changing brand profile

– Enhancing brand/product

– Creating worldwide product recognition

– Attracting new market segments

– Enlarging the distribution network

In order to give an idea of the popularity of sport, we provide you with some data from the Motorbike World Championship, one of the most spectacular and sometimes heroic of all sporting events. In 2005 MotoGp has experienced continuous growth in viewing figures, attendance and investments:

– 17 Grands Prix, hosted in 15 countries across 5 continents

– TV programs about the Motorbike World Championship have been broadcast in 207 – countries-

– Over 3,790 TV broadcasting hours

– 276 million households reached

– Total viewing figures of 5,290 million in 184 countries for live Grand Prix coverage

– Average viewing audience of 311 million per Grand Prix

– Average attendance of 120,000 spectators at the circuit, with peaks of 237,000

– About 2,034,000 overall attendance

(Source: Dorna Sport S.L., 2005 Review)

And that’s not all! What really makes sport such a good marketing tool is that it gives companies the opportunity to associate their own brand and product values with the values of the discipline itself.
Sponsorship formats and models evolve constantly. The first and most “classical” model is the “Sponsorship Buy Model”, where the sponsor buys a package that has already been created and becomes involved in the final stage of the event.
The next step is the “Sponsorship Make Model”, a more recent version, in which the sponsor plays an active role in the creation of the event, taking part in its conception and organising it according to its own objectives and values. If properly coordinated, this model is a winning one, as it allows to create moment-events that are rich in meaning for the consumer. That’s why professional Sports Marketing Agencies have often promoted this kind of planning.
The scenario is currently moving towards the “Sponsorship Create and Manage Model”, which allows the sponsor to manage the whole range of activities connected to an event and to define sport-based communication in various areas.

A great example of how sports sponsorship models are evolving is provided by Red Bull.
Let’s analyze how they managed and adapt their activities over time.
At the beginning they started buying small sponsorship packages in different sports. Their approach was different from anything previously seen in the sport business arena: Red Bull chose to be involved with the wild and crazy world of extreme disciplines, such as heli-skiing, tobogganing or jumping out of airplanes. In doing so, the company was able to test sport related benefits and began to be remembered thanks to sport-related elements.
Moving beyond this to a second stage, Red Bull used such “sport experience” to create its own promotional events, involving hundreds and hundreds of fans, customers and potential customers at circuits and on starting grids, in the mountains or in the skies.
Finally, the last step in this sponsorship evolution strategy brought Red Bull to enter the Formula 1 racing world. Firstly they simply gave to some of the F1 grand prix drivers a branded drinking bottle. After testing and verified their ROI results, they decided to expand their branding promotion into a logo to be featured on F1 cars: the Sauber Team.
In 2005 the company decided to expand their marketing effort and to fully manage the entire project. They acquire a whole Formula 1 Team, and name it as “Red Bull Racing – Formula 1 Team”. This sponsorship model has become the starting point for a number of activities and events managed by the company itself: In this case Sport sponsorship is transformed into a business platform for building, creating and managing sports related projects.
This new model is essential to maximize the capacity of the events to capture an audience via multimedia coverage, to extend its memorability, for the formation of a community and so on. This results in a direct increase and consolidation of brand awareness.

  1. If you’re looking for something to really get the adrenalin pumping, why not try out-running a bunch of 600 pound bulls. In mid July 95 during a surf trip around the European coastline I dropped into Pampalona to take part in the famous bull running festival, in which thousands of nutters (and myself) ran down a stretch of winding streets, being chased by about 10 angry bulls.

The event starts at 8:00am, every morning for a week, where if you are taking part you find yourself a spot within the crowd. The run starts in a stretch of old style Spanish street between two tall buildings, loaded with locals making the sign of cross on their foreheads down to the fearless participants below. As you can imagine, it’s slightly unnerving and would be more so if the skin-full of red wine and cola, dancing & no sleep, hadn’t numbed the nerves a tad. It’s quite a sight to behold, if you can imagine a small version of the London Marathon, only with thousands of drunken Spaniards and tourists all dressed in white with red scarves. If you think it sounds like a death wish, it isn’t, because you do get to protect yourself with a rolled up newspaper! Yes that will protect your butt cheeks from the impending doom of a bulls horn. Not!

Your position in the crowd determines your initial safety during the first part of the run. If you’re right at the front you will most likely get into the arena before seeing a bull (as long as you stay on you feet). If you’re at the back the bulls will definitely pass you. So for your first time its best to go near the front until you get the gist of what’s going. We positioned are selves in the front 3rd.

The first gun is for everyone to start running. Running is a slight exaggeration as, if you do run, you will trip over the person in front of you. So you barely make a slow trot along with the rest of crowd. Then moments later the second gun sounds. The bulls are free and running, at full pelt I expect.

The course is 3/4 mile in total and goes from being totally surrounded by buildings with nowhere to escape, to open sections, which have been marked out by wooden barriers sunken into the ground. These are also pretty hard to escape over, as there are teams of spectators peering over and waiting to push the frantic and afraid back into the affray.

Chaos is about the best term to describe the run and that was without even seeing a bull on the course. You then run through the entrance to the arena, which is a concrete corridor about 50 feet long. This is the most dangerous spot and one you definitely don’t want to get involved in a pile up here. Once through the entrance you run into the arena, a great way to see it for the first time and for the Life of Brian fans amongst you, a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to live out the gladiator scene for real. The bulls eventually appear, bringing you back to reality and run straight through the crowd into an enclosure at the back of the arena. Next “they” (the crazy perpetrators of the event who are obviously hell bent on killing or at least maiming the odd participant) let smaller, more energetic bulls out, one at-a-time, to cause some mayhem. These bulls have leather protectors on their horns to protect the crowd at least, meaning that if you do get charged you won’t die, a slow and pain full death, but you might get thrown into the air a few feet and land on your head! The hard bit about this is that there are a thousand other people in the bull ring, which makes spotting the bulls very difficult. Suddenly the crowd in front of you parts to reveal a crazed bull running directly at you at full pelt, head down and closing fast. My natural instinct was to run and throw myself head first over the 6 foot high barrier. In a normal situation this would be seen as a reckless and dangerous stunt but considering the circumstances I felt it was a carefully considered life saving maneuver and one that meant I survived with everything but my pride intact!

Once everyone has got used to the smaller bulls, they let the, now rested, larger bulls out into the crowd, to shake things up-a-bit. This is obviously much more dangerous, as you can imagine, what could happen if one of these steps on your head. Luckily during our run there were no serious injuries (I think), but they do have severe injuries all the time, so don’t take this past-time too lightly. The year that I ran an American chap aged 22 died and became one of the 15 death since 1924. In fact everyday they post pictures of that day’s run for the participants to buy. Also all around the town there are pictures from the past, with some pretty sobering images of accidents that have happened. I suppose this is done to remind the runners that the worst thing that can happen is death! A pretty extreme sport all-in-all!

The World’s Most Extreme Waves

“Waves are not measured in feet and inches, they are measured in increments of fear” – Buzzy Trent

Surfers measure waves from the back so if the biggest wave of the day was 30 feet according to their measurements you will find that to the watchers on the other side of the wave, a surfer could be riding a wave that is sixty feet tall, the height of a six-story building.


CYCLOPS, Western Australia

This is mainland Australia’s heaviest wave. It is rarely surfed by tow-in and surfers tend to favour bodyboards as it breaks onto shallow rocks. It is a righthand wave which breaks on a coral reef. It is hollow, fast and powerful and ranks very highly in the ratings – “totally epic” is how I’ve heard it described!


Shipstern’s Bluff is a fast deep water extremely powerful reef break near Tasmania, South Australia which breaks onto huge boulers in freezing waters! It is an amazing wave if you can get there as it’s hard to find and you have about an hour and a half walk-in. Because of this and the cold water, menacing size and sharp reef there is never a crowd there. It is a right hand wave which is best at low tide. The best season is winter and the hazards are rocks and sharks! It is a wave for advanced surfers only.



The wave is named after rocks on the western edge of Towan Head and works when a low spring tide combines with a south-east wind within the Cribbar, a shallow reef off Fistral Beach. With 30-foot waves that are definitely not for the inexperienced, it is more similar to surf off Hawaii than North Cornwall. Surfers are towed by Jet Ski into the monster wave.

Only a few surfers actually dare ride the wave when it appears. According to local legend, three Australians first rode the highly dangerous wave in 1966. Looking more like a suicidal situation, only four surfers were brave enough to surf the Cribbar this year. Among them were three people from the UK and one South African.

The wave is a dream for surfers. Modern technology such as weather track systems and meteorological data allow surfers to make sure they do not miss the opportunity. “It’s a big thing in a surfer’s life. They make sure that they are fit and healthy for this moment so they can’t miss it when it comes,” says Tom Oliver, a spectator from the car park at Fistral Beach.

Local surfer Lee Hallam, 28, says ‘I have watched a few people try and surf it unsuccessfully. I have only recently seen one person who actually surfed it- a travelling South African, big wave surfer Chris Bertish. It is very powerful and if you make a mistake it could have disastrous consequences!’

The Cribbar is for the highly skilled, and otherwise should be left alone.



The best big wave riders will chase this Antarctic swell which steams towards south west Tahiti and the reef at Teahupoo, home to some of the most spectacular and dangerous waves ever faced by surfers. This wave is generated by open ocean swells hitting the coral atoll reef with Hawaiian type power. It is probably the heaviest wave in the world and it is certainly the thickest. It is a wave that has claimed lives and brought the great Laird Hamilton close to tears after an incredible ride.


Dungeons, Hout Bay

Dungeons combines an offshore rock reef with cold water, white sharks and massive swells which definitely puts it right up there with the world’s other most dangerous waves. Hout Bay, also known as “Dungeons” to the surfing community, is one of the sixteen recognised big wave spots around the globe. The annual Red Bull Big Wave Africa competition is held here. Swells of up to 47 feet have been recorded as well as numerous deaths as a result of shark attacks and surfing related incidents. The spot consists of various reefs. The most popular is called “2.5 “since it is 2.5 m deep. Behind it is “3.5”, which is 3.5 m deep. There is also a reef that is reputed to be able to hold a 100 ft high wave, should one ever come. Before the use of jetskis or charter boat (which is a 20-minute boat trip out) to enter and leave the area, the surfers who braved these waters had to paddle through a dark and deep channel, through to where the waves break.



One doesn’t really expect to find a big wave in Europe, but this one can hold its own with the best of them. Belharra is an outer reef situated 2km outside Saint Jean de Luz in the French Basque region. You need a boat or jetski to go there.

The Most Popular on the Market

Red Bull energy drink is the “big kahuna” of energy drinks. It wasn’t the first ever created (that honor goes to Jolt Cola back in the early 80’s) but it did kick-start this new booming market of energy-inducing beverages.

Red Bull blasted onto the scene in 1997 and essentially created the energy drink market in the United States. Energy drinks made over $275 million in wholesale revenues with 65% going to Red Bull. The owners of the privately held company won’t talk about its financial revenue, but annual sales are rumored to be over $1 billion worldwide. Like I said, they’re the “big kahuna” of energy drinks.

Who created Red Bull and why did they make it taste so strange? Well, the creator is Dietrich Mateschitz. Back in the 80’s, while traveling in Asia, Mateschitz came across a syrupy beverage and discovered that its main ingredient was taurine, an amino acid which is produced naturally in human and animal bile. After meticulous analysis and experimentation, he finally developed the unique beverage that we all know as Red Bull.

The taste is, shall we say, distinctive. When I first tried Red Bull, I thought I was drinking carbonated cough syrup. Others have said it tastes like liquid Sweet Tarts. Regardless of what you can compare it to, the fact is, it takes some getting used to. But let’s be honest, you don’t drink it for the flavor, you drink it for the buzz(i.e. energy). Red Bull’s slogan claims “it gives you wings”. If you drink enough of it, you’ll feel as though you have wings; I know from experience.

I believe a big reason Red Bull has such popularity is because of the mystery and potential dangers associated with it. College kids, clubbers, and extreme sports enthusiasts dominate the energy drink market and we all know most people in these demographics love the thrill of danger. Red Bull panders to that emotion unabashedly. Why else would they explicitly state–do not exceed 3 cans a day.

There are many imitators of Red Bull currently on the market. But at the end of the day, there is only one Red Bull energy drink.